Winston-Salem Bonds

The Winston-Salem City Council has approved a bond referendum that would authorize $122 million for public improvements that will touch virtually every resident of our city.

These bonds are segmented into five categories and are critical to our city’s continued health and vitality. Voters will vote separately on each category. The categories are:

  • Parks & Recreation – $31 Million
  • Housing – $11.7 Million
  • Economic Development & Jobs – $14.5 Million
  • Public Safety – $21.1 Million
  • Streets & Sidewalks – $43.7 Million

All of the projects in the bonds are for improvements that are the responsibility of city government. They do not include schools, libraries or other projects that are the responsibility of county and state government.

City voters will see these bonds on the November 2018 ballot.

How Were The Bond Projects Selected?

The City Council reviewed the city’s unfunded capital needs, considered the recommendations of the Citizens’ Capital Needs Committee, discussed what projects would be appropriate for a bond referendum and determined what the city could afford and the potential impact on tax rates.  (Read The Citizens’ Capital Needs Committee Report) need link.

City staff took this guidance and developed a list of potential projects, which the council then refined into the list of projects that will be funded by the bonds. The City also held nine community meetings throughout the city to receive citizen feedback on the proposed bond projects.

The proposed projects adhere to the strategic focus areas adopted by the Mayor and the City Council to guide the city’s growth and allocation of public money.

  • The Parks and Recreation bond address promoting a healthy environment for residents.
  • The Housing bond address creating livable neighborhoods for all of our residents.
  • The Economic Development address creating good jobs and economic vitality and diversity.
  • The Public Safety bond address maintaining a safe and secure community.
  • The Streets and Sidewalks bond address providing quality transportation.

How Much Will The Bonds Cost Property Owners?

If all 5 bonds are approved at $122 million, property taxes will increase about 4 cents. This means that the owner of a home valued at $200,000 will pay about $80 more a year in property taxes OR about $1.50 a week. Homes valued less than $200,000 would pay less and homes valued more would pay more.

Invest In Our City & Our Future
Vote Yes On All 5 Bonds.

Over the last decade Winston-Salem has experienced an amazing revival.

  • New development all across our city.
  • Solid growth in jobs and a diversity of job opportunities.
  • Expansion of our universities and health care facilities.
  • A thriving downtown core with nothing short of an amazing redevelopment of the old factory district (now the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter) on the east-side.
  • A new convention center complex that attracts meetings and conventions from across the Carolinas and Virginia.

This re-energizing of our city has occurred because of a combination of public (bonds) and private investment. Without the support of our voters, much of what we have accomplished today would not have been possible.

That’s why your support is so important to keep Winston-Salem moving forward. By voting yes on all 5 Bonds we can continue to make investments in those things that positively impact the quality of life for all of our residents.

It’s our city. It’s our future. Give it a High 5 and vote yes on the city bonds.

Early voting begins October 15th with the general election being held on Tuesday, November 6th.

Help Pass the Bonds!